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Enjoying the Beach

Hello again!

It's Joyce, and I'm at your service.

I'm an overseas lifestyle coach for boomers, early retirees, and 'blaxit' folk just like you. I will help you create a lifestyle to live abroad successfully so you can embark on your life changing journey with confidence, absent the worry and overwhelm.

Around my corner of the internet , I am know for...

I have cultivated a substantial and multi-faceted skill set, having been a housing developer, manager, administrator, mentor and consultant for over thirty years..


My previous profession was serving others developing and having ownership and management responsibility for 200+ affordable housing units, while also mentoring others to do the same.  Skilled in multi logistics, project management and results-driven administration, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of living abroad.


I will bring the same level of dedication and attention to detail I demonstrated as a housing developer, to ensure you have the BLAST! of a life time creating your unique and special life abroad.


I know for myself at this point in time of my life, I want peace and tranquility! Then, the financial security to retire in a fashion I choose.  I have earned it after a lifetime of work, service and overcoming the challenges of living in the USA.

I will be there to work with you, to create for YOU the same opportunities also!


Want to learn more? Our work together can start today!

Retire to Panama and Relocation

"Take the first step in faith.  You don’t  have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. 



Image by Mohamed Ajufaan

Like all good businesses, mine started with a problem.


I was trying to figure out how to build my coaching practice, but I had no substantive network, having never been fond of purposefully connecting with folks which is needed to build connections that are useful in any startup venture.


However, since I am a determined individual, I came up with an idea that would help me build my coaching practice. I saw a need I could respond to and in so doing, build a funnel of coach clients.


You see, I figured out that I could offer a tour service to Panama, due to an overwhelming demand. Now, I know nothing about the tour business, but I do understand the motivations of those I am seeking to do business with. More importantly, I know 

can to do group tours, because by nature I am a very detailed, conscientious, logistical person who does have plenty of experience in administration, management and property development that I know will translate usefully in

conducting small group tours.

Long story short, I saw a need for a tour service to visit Panama. So, I started BLAST! Tours & Coaching. And, in light of the current interest and demand for living overseas, both as an retirement option, and an exit strategy, I plan on being the overseas lifestyle guru for those wanting to seek an expat life abroad.

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