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Can You See Yourself Doing It?

My brothers and sisters, you who are bravely battened down, steadfastly marching on in hopes of better days, I am here to tell you that the expat life is worth considering. I know you have ties that bind, creature comforts you think you can’t do without- but think on this for a minute; your quality of life, heck even your longevity is at stake! Deep down inside, you know intuitively that you should be making moves to safeguard you and your family’s future. You’ve discovered you are losing ground- and you may be right because many are. Truth is, nearly everyone apart from the privileged oligarchy of one-percenters, the entertainment class, and the out of touch political leeches, are being left behind. The average American, and us black folk even more so, is stuck, as in slowly sinking quicksand, sliding backwards fast from the constitutional guaranty of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s face it, no matter how hard you want to deny it, the American dream is out of reach for many, and is in fact becoming one big nightmare.

For my fellow Black baby boomers this reality is amplified due to such reasons as: (i) dwindling resources because of encroached upon limited and/or fixed incomes needed for necessities such as housing and food; (ii) the seemingly annihilation of the promise for a brighter landscape hard fought for during the civil rights era, not to be outdone by (iii) the all-too-common scenarios of health care disparities or being warehoused in care facilities because of failing health. Believe me when I say I am trying to be as measured as possible in presenting this outlook, but unless you are totally and purposely living unawares, you have to agree that there’s more that is wrong than is right when it comes to quality-of-life issues for Black Americans. So, why not consider living overseas an option? Many have and more should because the Blaxit movement is real.

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