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Is an Exodus of Black Americans Afoot?

… to Blast, Blaxit, or Bail?

With all this time spent social distancing-- what have you been thinking about?… What Would You Like to Have Happen in Your Life once things get back to ‘normal’? And that is the rub isn’t it? That what was once normal before the pandemic, was not working, nor was it good for many us… about 99.9%! So, What Concerns You Most? Do you feel prepared for YOUR Future right now? What would YOU like to EXPERIENCE once travel is unrestricted again? Perhaps New Life Experiences? New Places? New Cultures?

How about a better life with less stress, division, and political partisanship that drags everything?!?! That would be certainly welcomed. But as we all know, as we are in good company with tens of millions of Americans facing down what could be a terrible blow for social change and unity come November 3rd, 2020, strapped with their only tool… their Vote! in demand for a more unified, constitutionally led government, people, and country!

However, many right now are not waiting until election day to make a choice whether to leave or stay. The country has too many issues and the hope for a lot of black folk are that their futures are brighter beyond the shores of the USA. Facebook travel groups, especially those for black travelers, across all age groups and demographics are espousing the benefits of seeking a lifestyle abroad. Is there a movement for black emigration? Such FB groups as “Blaxit” and “Get Out” are engaging new members weekly by the hundreds as they seek out information, advice, and of course, the spirit of camaraderie during these tumultuous times.

Are you willing to ask yourself the question? Are you willing to consider whether you should consider a lifestyle abroad? Because it could maybe—just maybe, time for you to blast, blaxit or bail!

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