Umbrage Under Umbrella of Uncertainty

Are you undergoing unusual umbrage? Feeling uncontrollable anxiety? Are you unsure what to do next? Do not despair, my friends. There are many of us who feel the same way. The challenge at this point is to be even more patient with ourselves, to strive to be ever present so that we can persevere and keep moving forward to brighter days.

We all know trouble has always been with us. But lately troubles seem to abound around every corner, intruding upon every facet of our lives. It seems in these days of a worldwide pandemic, unjust wars, and increasing pressures of trying to live- with some barely living from paycheck to paycheck, our current troubles appear more prevalent and disconcerting. So much so that you may find yourself some nights awakening from sleep in a cold sweat! We can all relate; even those with a calm and positive nature, no one is immune. You can almost feel the choking pressure of current world events. Or, perhaps as you try to live day to day, your plans to rise above your troubles seem threatened, and everything you have built or have plans to build feels endangered. However, as difficult as it may be, I want to encourage you in spite of your anger over the uncertainty that surrounds us to keep pressing on.

Peaceful and life-affirming interactions should not be viewed as something to desire but rather as something to pursue. We are bombarded constantly through technology and media with information, or worst, menacing misinformation that grate upon our resolve. But we should not let it burden us to abandonment. We must keep hope alive! Therefore, I would implore you to let your umbrage motivate you to venture outside your comfort zone to manifest the life you deserve.

To You and Yours, Peace, Health, and Blessings!

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