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How Much More Must We Endure?

I recently read online this week regarding the recent racist massacre in Buffalo that Black folk were tired of being resilient. Tired of being eradicated right before our very eyes with no recourse. Exhausted from digging down deep for strength and solace behind every unjust and inhumane act of racial violence. Weary from the false equivalencies and deniers of fact promulgators unsympathetic to our cries that “black lives matter”. It has become so clear and apparent that it seems like fiction, more than the ugly truth that it is. Fact is armed white supremacists get the gentle treatment and are hardly touched while being arrested, while we all know what can happen to us just “living while black”. Now it is being shown both in and outside of law enforcement that being black and unarmed means absolutely “zero”, even for petty crimes, or no crimes at all; in direct contrast to heavily armed white folk committing capital crimes! Hell, you may even get a free meal for your efforts! Fatal encounters occurring for black folk found in the crosshairs of those that simply do not like the color of their skin are becoming more common place, a reality that is unimaginably frightening. This stark truth is our reality and is stranger than fiction. The truth it appears is that white racist America want a race war! Why is that? Could it be that they are stockpiled to the gills while we can’t even legally carry in an open, legal carry state? Talk about a systemic structure for racial genocide! How messed up is that?

So, the question remains… how much more must we endure?

What a great and solemn question.