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So, You're Thinking of Becoming An Expat?

When contemplating a move abroad for retirement, especially where you will go, it is also the time to decide if you are ready to take the plunge and step into the expat lifestyle. Moving abroad may sound exciting since it will certainly be full of new experiences and some of those quite possibly challenging. However, to ensure a successful overseas relocation requires that you are aware of what you could expect and to be able to respond favorably. In that regard, here are some useful tips to assist your decision-making as well as couple of tidbits you can use once you are on foreign soil.

Mindset- first of all and most importantly is to respond positively to whatever situation you may encounter with an attitude that is:

Fearless and Flexible

Filled to the brim with Forbearance, Grit, and Humor

Plan, Plan and Plan again- the old adage still applies: “peoples’ plans fail, because of a failure to plan”

Plan Ahead, Plan Often, Modify, if necessary, then Execute

Have a Goal that is Purposeful, Affirming and Pleasing to You!


Will always avail for those who seek it and are prepared


How you do it determines your outcome

Seek help and expertise to get you on your way

Cultural Immersion

Learn the language to live colloquially

Live in local neighborhoods for a full, enriching experience


Give more than you take

Be generous in all respects

Physical/Mental Wellbeing-

Take time for self-care with proven techniques to empower and strengthen such as Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, EFT, etc.


You are never alone! Be strong and stand by your commitments! You Are Enough!

Resources- Ahh!! The more the merrier, right?

Cultivate support of locals to get the “lay of the land”

Consider shared housing if you are single and on a tight budget

Seek your Tribe!

Like with most situations, an overseas relocation will not be for everyone. Many have tried, then decided it was not what they had expected or hoped it to be. There is a lot to be said for familiarity and the comfort it brings. The ability to go forth into the unfamiliar, to experience new, and different with childlike inquisitiveness is both brave and admirable. Therefore, should you decide that an expat lifestyle is worth pursuing, the key to your success will lie in your willingness to see it through no matter what.

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